Our Story

Act-2 is a certified 501(c)(3) based out of Miami. We are a veteran founded and led nonprofit organization seeking to create a positive impact in the community. Founded by United States Marine Corps veteran Edwin Vasco, Act-2 strives to aid in the rehabilitation, sustainability, and development of communities in adverse situations.

Our creation began after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and a small group of veterans decided to drive from Miami to Houston to help those affected . Since then, we have been able to expand and provide our services to many people that would have had no help otherwise.

We have worked to stabilize and then improve living conditions after recent natural disasters in different areas of the country. We have been to Houston, the Lower Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, North Carolina and the Florida Panhandle.

Sustainability and being able to help reduce the environmental impact the debris from these storms has caused is a major focus of our mission and efforts. In the Florida Keys we collaborated with the Monroe County Sheriff’s department and United States Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS) and focused our efforts on areas that are the natural habitat to the endangered Key Deer as well as mangrove areas which we lead to toxins seeping into the ocean. While in Puerto Rico we assisted local farmers to clear their land and rebuild greenhouses as well as helped several businesses create community vegetable and herb gardens.

As we are a veteran founded nonprofit, the difficulties many veterans face when they leave the military is of major importance to us and we are committed to being an outlet to assist. We are invested in generating opportunities for veterans to create meaningful change in their lives. Act-2 is a platform which provides veterans and civilians the opportunity to showcase their skill sets in the service of others.

Our Vision:

Act-2 is committed to implementing an effective action plan to ensure those in distress obtain the assistance needed.

Our Mission:

To aid in the rehabilitation, sustainability, and development of communities in adverse situations.