Roof Removal – Little Torch Key

By Edgar Woo:

There’s still a lot of work to be done to bring back the Florida Keys to its beautiful splendor. That work includes cleaning up the Mangroves and other areas that are important to the overall well-being of the environment in the keys.

We’re closing on 8 months after Hurricane Irma came through south Florida and there are still plenty of areas that need to be cleared of trash and debris.

In order to best preserve these areas for the future generations, we have taken it upon ourselves to clean up the human debris that’s been scattered about by Hurricane Irma and other factors. 

We want to clear the mangroves from debris in order to maintain the balance in nature that creates optimal living conditions for the flora and fauna.

Over 20 people from the community came together to remove 2 full roofs that had been flipped over into the mangrove area after Hurricane Irma. We used Sawzalls, chainsaws and other tools donated by the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation to remove the debris from the roofs and pile it at the roadside.

We were able to clear out 2 full roofs that had blown into the mangrove area after Hurricane Irma.

We are scheduling the next projects in the Keys to continue helping our environment. Stay posted for the next opportunity to help out the environment.

Julissa Rivera