We Come with a Purpose

47 days and counting.

On October 10, 2018 Hurricane Michael hit the shores of Panama City, Florida. It devastated the area so hard that to this day many are still trying to recover. We came with a purpose. That purpose is to help as many people that we can.

On October 11th, the very next day we were already in the heaviest impacted areas helping out. Handing out supplies that we brought up from Miami and setting up food stations to hand out warm meals with Shelter Foundation.

After a few days the real work began. Sweat, oil, blood, smoke, smiles and joy mixed together as we helped people to remove huge fallen trees off their homes. The hard labor was always paid with smiles, laughter, joy, and thankfulness.

How could a group of men and women sacrifice all of their time to help a stranger, someone who’s path would never have been crossed?

While many companies made profit off this disaster, all of our hard work was done for free. Already paid in full by the sacrifice of our volunteers and every single person that donates to our cause. Because our cause is not only the work that we do in these situations, our cause is our fellow man, neighbor, and friend!

If you can, please click our link on the top right hand corner to donate so we can continue helping those in need or spread our message to as many as possible to more can know of what we do.

Julissa Rivera