Beach clean-up after Corona Classic surfing event

Article By: Edwin Vasco

Dome’s Beach and Maria’s Beach in Rincon Puerto Rico, March 19th, 2018 from 4:00 PM – 7:30 PM

The beaches in Puerto Rico are one of the most important reasons why it is considered the Island of Enchantment. Tourists all over the world come to experience the beautiful coastlines and enjoy the amazing Caribbean ocean. The amount of life around these beaches is also very important. In order to maintain balance in the ecosystem we must help clean up after events such as these in order to help the flora and fauna, as well as bring back tourists to continue to boost the economy.

The Corona Classic is a very large surfing event in Puerto Rico. After speaking to the locals, they were disappointed that in the previous years the beach was left trashed after the event which usually brings around 5000 spectators

Teaming up with Desecheo Surf Shop, we broke off into three groups. A group along the sand, a group along the trails near the beach, and the last group would go snorkeling to get trash out of the ocean.

We were able to pull out 7 bags of trash, 2 tires, half a broken-down boat, and several wooden planks from Dome’s Beach. From Maria’s beach came 5 bags of trash as well as some wooden planks. Unfortunately, we were not able to snorkel and pick up ocean trash as the waves were still very strong.

Special Thanks to Desecheo Surf Shop for letting us borrow the snorkel gear and fins needed to go in the ocean. After a long day of hard work we ate together and shared some great times.

Julissa Rivera