Hurricane Harvey - The starting point.

On August 25,2017 a category 4 hurricane struck Texas. It caused great damage forcing many to abandon their homes and seek shelter elsewhere. After the storm, due to great flooding in the area many families were displaced for weeks without knowing what happen to their homes. Many were still under water for many days.

It was during this time that many organizations came together and headed to Texas to help out any way possible. From this call is where we started.

We spent a little over a week in Texas. During that time we provided countless people with supplies and helped to vacate many homes. Removing all of the wet debris and demolition in order to prevent mold and disease from spreading.

We hoped to stay longer but since we are based out of Miami we had our own threat in the Atlantic heading straight towards us and were forced to head back to strengthen our own neighborhoods, homes, and make sure our families were safe.

Thank you Texas for all your hard work and everything you provided.

Julissa Rivera